The Philipps School of Marburg

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The Philipps University of Marburg begun by Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse, in 1527. It is the earliest Protestant university in the world and the oldest in Germany. Even though it has no religious affiliation, the university is known as a public organization of higher learning in the status of Hesse. Also, it is a center intended for the study of viewpoint and the history of philosophy. The Philipps School of Bremen is the closest grounds to Marburg.

The university or college is dedicated to research in the field of science, especially in the domains of biology and mindset. It also features two organic gardens and an commence for near and Middle section Eastern research. The university’s psychology and geography departments have received Quality Group position in the CHE Brilliance Ranking 2009. Further, the school’s centre for environmental research is being among the most renowned in the country. The Philipps University of Marburg incorporates a strong emphasis on the humanities, which is apparent in its focus on social and cultural record.

The School of Marburg has countless specialist explore centers. The Centre with respect to Gender Research and Feminist Futurology, for instance , holds classes on gender issues, laughable identity, and feminism in other cultures. The school also has different exchange applications with colleges in other portions of Europe and around the world. The middle for Interdisciplinary Faith based Research presents lectures upon topics with regards to religious values, anthropology, and faith. The Department of Neuroscience is a dominant centre just for neurobiology, neuroscience, and medicinal drugs.

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